Second International Workshop on Plan 9

December 3 & 4, 2007


Bell Laboratories

Murray Hill

The program.

Op: Styx batching for High Latency Links, Francisco Ballesteros et al.

Using the 9P Protocol in High-Performance Computing, Latchesar Ionkov et al.

Representing disparate resources by layering namespaces, Noah Evans.

Plan 9 Authentication in Linux, Ashwin Ganti.

Acme as an Interactive Translation Environment, Eric Nichols.

Extensible Synthetic File Servers?, Axel Belinfante.

Towards Persistent, Distributed and Replicated User Interfaces in the Octopus, Francisco Ballesteros et al.

The Diskless File Server, Erik Quanstrom.

RIT — Embedded Rc in Text, Kenji Arisawa.

lguest for Plan 9, Ron Minnich.

Night of the Lepus, Eric van Hensbergen et al..